Arsenal Nepal

Official Supporter's Club of Arsenal FC, Since 2009

About Us

Welcome to the vibrant world of Arsenal Nepal, an exceptional supporters club that originated as a cultural initiative of the legendary Arsenal Football Club, based in London. Established in 2009 in the heart of Nepal, this remarkable organization began its journey with a mission to celebrate the spirit of football and foster a sense of camaraderie among fans of Arsenal FC. Over the years, Arsenal Nepal has evolved into a passionate and tightly-knit community, becoming an official non-profit organization in 2022.

With a membership base of over 2000 enthusiastic individuals, Arsenal Nepal has successfully carved its niche as a hub for devoted Arsenal supporters across Nepal. What started as a cultural program has now grown into a dynamic entity that extends its reach far beyond the realm of sports. The club's dedication to promoting sportsmanship, cultural exchange, and a deep-rooted love for the game has been the driving force behind its transformation into a non-profit organization.

Arsenal Nepal proudly serves as a central hub for various activities that bring fans together. From organizing friendly matches that ignite the competitive spirit to hosting captivating social events that forge lasting friendships, the club ensures that its members are continually engaged. One of the hallmarks of Arsenal Nepal's calendar is its lively game screenings, where members gather to witness exhilarating matches, sharing in the highs and lows of their beloved team's journey.

As the sun sets on each year, Arsenal Nepal's grand yearly events stand as a testament to its commitment to celebrating the beautiful game. These events not only honor the legacy of Arsenal FC but also showcase the diverse talents and passions of its members. Through art, music, and more, the club reinforces its cultural ties while uniting fans in the shared pursuit of excellence.

In summary, Arsenal Nepal has transcended its origins to become an embodiment of passion, unity, and cultural exchange. This supporters club, born from the illustrious Arsenal FC, has grown into a vibrant community that cherishes the essence of football and embodies the values of sportsmanship and togetherness. With its extensive roster of members, diverse events, and unwavering dedication, Arsenal Nepal continues to shine as a beacon of football fandom and camaraderie in Nepal.